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Bullskin Township (Excerpt from History of Fayette County Pennsylvania)

Authored by: Franklin Ellis on May 8, 1882

The 1882 History of Fayette County by Franklin Ellis documented the history of the county including its many communities and townships. This excerpt is the chapter discussing the history of Bullskin Township.

This preface is not written for the purpose of offering (as writers too frequently do) in advance, an apology for errors and imperfections in the historical work which follows. To make such an apology is to admit a knowledge of inaccuracy and imperfection, which in this case the editor does not know, and doe not believe to exist to an extent worthy of notice in this history of Fayette County. It has been prepared with the object and determination to make it complete and accurate as possible; to produce an exhaustive and truthful narrative of events of importance or general interest which have occurred within the territory now embraced in the county of Fayette from the period of its occupation by the aborigines down to the present time; to embody all obtainable facts which are worthy of mention in such a work, but to exclude everything of doubtful authenticity from the narrative, and to confine it as closely as possible to the limits of Fayette County; referring to no outside matters except such as could not properly be omitted because of their close connection with the history of the region which is especially referred to. Under this plan, and with this determination, the patient and persevering labor of many months (equivalent to more than two years' work of one person) has been given to the preparation of this history, and it is now presented with full confidence that the verdict of its patrons will be one of approval.

The work embraces a general history of the county, followed by separate histories of the several boroughs and townships. It is unnecessary here to give a further outline, or to recite the authorities on which the general history is based. The township histories are largely made up of accounts of pioneer settlers and the families descended from them. In this connection it is proper to remark that the family names of many of the pioneers and later residents of Fayette County have been found spelled differently (and sometimes in as many as four or five different ways) in the county, township, and church records, and for that reason it has often been found impossible to decide with any degree of certainty on the correct orthography, if, indeed, there is any choice as to correctness, where, as is not infrequently the case in this county, different members of the same family spell their surname variously, each in his own way. The writer has before him four autographs, written by three men now living in Fayette County, and all descended from the same grandfather, in which the family name is spelled four different ways, each one being different from either of the three others; and two of the signatures are by one and the same person. Under such circumstances it cannot be regarded a matter of surprise if the writers of the county and township histories, often finding themselves wholly at a loss to know which manner of spelling to adopt, have sometimes chosen one which may be regarded as incorrect by some who bear the name.

Some of the material for the work has been gleaned from the very few reliable publications which bear upon the subject, but much more has been obtained from the State archives, the county, township, and society records, old newspaper files, and from conversations with the oldest residents and best-informed people of the county, of whom a very large number have been called on and consulted, and all, with hardly an exception, have fully and freely, to the extent of their ability, imparted the information sought. The number of those who have thus furnished information is so great that it is impracticable to give them the separate individual mention to which they are entitled, but grateful thanks are here tendered to each and all for the assistance which they have so obligingly extended. The writer also desires especially to express his acknowledgments to the editors and proprietors of the several newspapers, the county and township officers, the pastors and leading members of the churches, and the gentlemen of the legal and medical professions of the county for favors and courtesies received from them in the preparation of the work.

Philadelphia, May 8, 1882.

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Posted: Feb 4, 2006

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