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A History of Uniontown

The County Seat of Fayette County, Pennsylvania

By James Hadden
Author of Washington's and Braddock's Expeditions

Copyright 1913 by James Hadden, Uniontown, PA

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In presenting the following history of Uniontown to a reading public it is with the belief that such a work is desirable and that it will be given a cordial reception. Every town has a history peculiar to itself, and that Uniontown has is eminently so. Should the founders of this town be permitted once more to walk its streets and view the changes that have transpired since their day they certainly would be convinced that they had builded far better than they knew or a had fondly dreamed.

The plan adopted in compiling this history is to take the reader a stroll over the town, locating the lots as originally laid out by the two Quaker brothers, Henry and Jacob Beeson, describing the early buildings that occupied the same and reciting many reminiscences connected with the early residents. The data for this work has been collected from the public records, old newspapers, tradition, old residents and from every other available source.

The author very gratefully acknowledges the many courtesies extended to him by the prominent citizens of the town, and for the interest they have manifested in the work, and that it may prove to be both entertaining and instructive is his most earnest hope.

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  • Chapter 1 - 751 KB
    Geology-Prehistoric Race-Indians-Penn's Grant-Controversy with Virginia-Conflict between the French and English for Supremacy in the Mississippi Valley

  • Chapter 2 - 908 KB
    Frontier Settlements-Advent of the Beesons-Founding of Uniontown-Erection of Fayette County-Incorporation of the Borough-List of Burgesses.

  • Chapter 3 - 1,043 KB
    East Main Street, Both Sides, from Redstone Creek to the Court House, Comprising Lots Nos. 1 to 20, inclusive

  • Chapter 4 - 2,790 KB
    Main Street, South Side, from Meadow Alley to Morgantown Street, Comprising Lots Nos. 21 to 34, inclusive

  • Chapter 5 - 1,873 KB
    East Main Street, North Side, from Court Street to North Beeson Avenue, Comprising Lots Nos. 35 to 42, inclusive

  • Chapter 6 - 1,320 KB
    West Main Street, ' North Side, from Middle Alley, now North Beeson Avenue, to Pittsburgh Street, Com- prising Lots Nos. 43 to 46, inclusive

  • Chapter 7 - 2,256 KB
    Jacob's Addition-Main Street, South Side, from Morgantown Street Westward to the County Home, Comprising Lots Nos. 1 to 3, and 15 to 20 inclusive

  • Chapter 8 - 2,819 KB
    West Main Street, North Side, from Pittsburgh Street West, Comprising Lots Nos. 4 to 8, and 21 to 23, inclusive, in Jacob's Addition-The Old Beeson Mill

  • Chapter 9 - 1,207 KB
    East Main Street, East of the Eastern Bridge, Comprising Lots Nos. 1 to 10, in Henry's Addition

  • Chapter 10 - 2,583 KB
    Cheat or Morgantown Street, East Side, Comprising Lots Nos. 1 to 20, inclusive, in Henry's Addition

  • Chapter 11 - 2,147 KB
    Cheat or Morgantown Street, West Side, Comprising Lots Nos. 1 to 16, inclusive, in Jacob's Second Addition, and Lots Nos. 21 to 30, inclusive, in Henry's Addition

  • Chapter 12 - 1,807 KB
    Peter Street - South Street - Mill Street - Berkeley Street-Union Street-Penn Street-Beeson Avenue - South Mount Vernon Avenue - Gallatin Avenue

  • Chapter 13 - 1,327 KB
    Fayette Street

  • Chapter 14 - 1,504 KB
    Market or Church Street, Beginning at Morgantown Street

  • Chapter 15 - 630 KB
    Pittsburgh Street

  • Chapter 16 - 546 KB
    Additions to the Town

  • Chapter 17 - 2,738 KB
    Establishment of the Courts of Fayette County-Her Judges-Her First County Officers-Disbarment of Eight Members of the Fayette County Bar-Difficulties with Judge Baird-Fayette County Court Houses-Her Jails-The Bar of Fayette Count

  • Chapter 18 - 1,627 KB
    The Postal Service-The National Road-The Telegraph Service-The Railroad Service-The Trolly Service-The Telephone Service

  • Chapter 19 - 1,098 KB
    The Banks of Uniontown

  • Chapter 20 - 1,268 KB
    The Press

  • Chapter 21 - 618 KB
    The Schools

  • Chapter 22 - 2,394 KB
    Old Madison College

  • Chapter 23 - 3,037 KB
    Old Military Companies-War of the Revolution-War of 1812-War with Mexico-War of the Rebellion- War with Spain-Fourth of July Celebrations.

  • Chapter 24 - 1,291 KB
    The Fire Department-Markets-Public Square-Municipal Building

  • Chapter 25 - 1,270 KB
    The Whisky Insurrection-David G. Blythe and his Panorama of the Allegheny Mountains-Agricultural Exhibitions

  • Chapter 26 - 945 KB
    The Colored Folks-The Cholera Scourge-Old Political Campaigns

  • Chapter 27 - 1,139 KB
    Dr. John F. Braddee-The Great Mail Robbery-Dr. William Purnell

  • Chapter 28 - 2,779 KB
    Old Graveyards and Cemeteries

  • Chapter 29 - 1,443 KB
    Some of the Former Business and Professional Men of the Town-Industries and Utilities-Mills-Iron Works-The Coke Industry-Gas-Water-Lighting the Town-Fayette County Fire Insurance Company

  • Chapter 30 - 2,302 KB
    Churches-Great Bethel Baptist-Methodist Episcopal- First Presbyterian - Central Presbyterian, now Second Presbyterian - Cumberland Presbyterian, now Third Presbyterian-Methodist Protestant- Saint Peter's Protestant Episcopal-Saint Paul's A. M. E.-Saint John's Roman Catholic-John Wesley A. M. E. Zion-First German Baptist Brethren- First Brethren-Church of the Brethren-Salvation Army-Mount Olive-Minerd Chapel or Second Methodist Protestant-Saint Paul's Lutheran-Central Christian-Saint Mary's Slavonic Roman Catholic-Temple Israel-Mount Vernon Methodist Episcopal-Mount Rose Baptist-Tree of Life- Saint Joseph's Polish Roman Catholic-Saint John the Baptist Greek-Union-Hungarian Presby- terian-Presbyterian Slavish Mission

  • Chapter 31 - 2,001 KB
    Distinguished Visitors-General George Washington- General Lafayette-Honorable John C. Calhoun- James Monroe-General Andrew Jackson-Jennie Lind-P. T. Barnum-John C. Fremont-James K. Polk -General ~ i l - l i a mH enry Harrison-Henry Clay- General Sam Houston-Thomas H. Benton-General W infield Scott- James Buchanan-General Zachary Taylor-Abraham Lincoln-John J. Crittinden- General Pillow-Davy Crockett-Santa Anna-John Quincy Adams

  • Chapter 32 - 2,095 KB
    Personal Sketches - Honorable Andrew Stewart - Colonel Alexander McClean - General Ephraim Douglass-Dr. Solomon Drown-Henry Clay Dean -"Crazy Billy "

  • Chapter 33 - 788 KB
    Secret Orders-A Masonic Lodge in 1802-Laurel Lodge No. 215, F. &A. M.-Fayette LodgeNo. 228, F. &A. M.-Union Royal Arch Chapter No. 165-Madison Lodge No. 119, K. of P.-Rising Star Lodge No. 533, I. 0. 0. F.-Tunnaleuka Lodge No. 365, 1. 0. 0. F. -Royal Arcanum Council No. 388-Saint Omer's Commandery No. 3, Knights Templar-Uniontown Commandery No. 49, Knights Templar-Fort Necessity Lodge No. 245, I. 0. 0. F.-Fayette Encampment, No. 80, I. 0. 0. F.-Laurel Lodge No. 9, I. 0. 0. S. M.-Independent Order of B'nai B'rith, 471- Royal Order of Lions, Den No. 600-Blue Lodge, Knights of Honor, No. 26lGProtective Home Circle-Red Men-B. P. 0. of Elks-Royal Order of Moose, No. 20-Order of Owls, and Several Others-The Uniontown Hospital-The Old Henry Beeson Mansion

  • Chapter 34 - 412 KB
    Uniontown's Centennial - Uniontown's Old Home Coming

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Considerable resources and time went into digitizing and presenting this book from long ago.
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