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Dr. Milton Noon's Springhouse

Location: Everson, PA Added: May 19, 2003
Type: Current Contributed by: Everson Centennial Committee
Dr. Milton Noon's Springhouse - Everson, PA
The Spring House that is on the former property of Dr. Milton Noon. He practiced in Everson from 1898 until Sept 23, 1961 just a few months before his death. He was descended from the well known Otterbein family of whom Otterbein College was named. He had such an interest in Indian culture many townspeople to this day believe that he was of Indian heritage. However, this is not true. He was of German descent. He was a school teacher who became a doctor and also became Everson's first Burgess. He delivered 6,942 babies in his lifetime, did house calls on foot and believed people spent too much time watching TV and they should be out in the fresh air and sunshine. He would use the Springhouse as a 'getaway' to relax and reflect.

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